Sem Co-op Documentary Project

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oth-12-512-seminary-_121a9c.jpg     oth-12-512-seminary-_121a9e.jpg

All four of these lovely postcards are available (and free!) at the store.

Designed by Kerrie Kirtland and Rachel Skybetter from 3C with photos taken by Jasmine Kwong and Megan E. Doherty for their Seminary Co-op Documentary Project:

“After 50 years in the Chicago Theological Seminary Building, the Co-op is moving to a new location on South Woodlawn this Fall. To celebrate the Co-op’s rich history, we invite you to share your memories (written and audio), artifacts, and memorabilia. We’ll use your contributions to create a historical archive that we can cherish for decades to come.

To submit your thoughts and old photographs, or to have your portrait taken in the Co-op, e-mail us at

Thank you for sharing what moves you,

Jasmine Kwong, AB ’06 and Megan E. Doherty, AM’05, PhD’10”