New Features:

We are trying out something new: a weekly newsletter highlighting a selection of books that have arrived in the store over the past week, as well as a selection of upcoming events in Chicago—both our own and events not organized by us, but in which we think members of the Co-op community might take an interest. We will be emailing it out once a week, but you can also see it on the blog here. If you aren’t receiving it by email, and you’d like to, email us at

A Completely  Idiosyncratic Book List for Thinking about Small Press Publishing and Book Arts, compiled by Stephanie Anderson, Chicago poet and editor of the micro-press Projective Industries (full disclosure: one of our staff members sews books for this press).

A booklist of the past year’s LGBTQ titles in honor of Pride weekend.

Harvard University Press marks our 50th anniversary.

Megan Doherty, who is now working with Jasmine Kwong on the Seminary Co-op Documentary Project, interviews us for the 50th anniversary.

Our virtual front table is now available! View it here.


Jasmine Kwong and Megan E. Doherty have taken it upon themselves to document the Seminary Co-op in its current location before the move. They are soliciting your stories and photographs of the Co-op, and if you ask nicely, they’ll even take your portrait here. Check out their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter to keep track of the project.

(Harvard University Press participates in this project with a very curious picture of John Rawls.)

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