Formerly the Midwest sales representative for Princeton University Press and the University of California Press, Tom Caldwell works now for the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust. In addition to his decade of experience as a university press sales rep, Tom worked for five years as an independent bookseller at Talking Leaves Books in Buffalo, NY. He lives in Chicago.

Jesse Crouse lives in Chicago where he pours coffee and poetry into the same cup at Intelligentsia Coffee. A graduate of Columbia College, Jesse won the Elma Stuckey Poetry Prize in 2008. He sleeps at

John Eklund is a former bookseller and represents Harvard, MIT and Yale University Press in the Midwest, Pacific Northwest, and Canada.  He lives in Milwaukee.

Joan Hives has been an avid reader for 68 years. From cereal boxes, occasional tuna tins, and crumpled bags of pasta in the kitchen, she has grown into horror, pulp culture, Batman, and the occasional Social Security form. A professional bibliographer and sometime bookseller, Joan gets her kicks from scholarly treatments of her favorite subjects, antique color plates and engravings, and from the charmingly macabre.

Stan Izen teaches mathematics and edits the online education journal Independent Teacher. In his spare time, Stan writes articles on education, personal essays, and book reviews. He can be contacted at

Amy Kunkel is an occupational therapist.  Her interests include gender politics, literature, culture, and the dramatic works of George Bernard Shaw, Edward Albee, and David Mamet.

After completing his BA at the University of Chicago and his Master’s at the New School, James Liu swore to dedicate the rest of his life to bicycles, food, and drink. His food, technology, and literature-inspired blogging can be found at

Irami Osei-Frimpong has written two novels and a stack of short stories. He is working on a third novel that reimagines the Iliad as a conflict between the University of Chicago and the Chicago Public School system: teachers and students fill out the armies, and the gods come in the bodies of Chicago politicians and press.

Nicole Perrin is a displaced New Englander enjoying life on Lake Michigan. Copy editor by day, pleasure reader by night, she is a slave to the written word. Nicole spends the balance of her time eating baked goods and wishing the world were more like a P.G. Wodehouse novel. Literary thoughts can be found at

David Sheffieck is a writer, waiter, editor, culture critic, and sometimes smoker. In the near future, Dave plans to break the genre barrier and bring about a new literary reality. His musical musings appear on his personal blog:

Levi Stahl works at the University of Chicago Press, and for the past three years in his non-work hours he’s maintained a literary blog, I’ve Been Reading Lately. He’s also written for the Poetry Foundation, the Chicago Reader, the Bloomsbury Review, the New-York Ghost, the Quarterly Conversation, and McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. His short fiction has recently been published in the New York Moon.

Mark Steffen is a Chicago native now living in Brooklyn. Mark is a brand manager for Men’s Health and managing editor at

Clarisse Thorn is a Chicago-based, sex-positive, pro-BDSM activist and educator.  She has lectured on both sexual communication and BDSM, and currently curates an ongoing sex-positive documentary film series at Jane Addams Hull-House Museum.  Her blog is available at

Stephanie Turza is a commissioning editor at Common Ground Publishing  A former intern at Dalkey Archive Press and at W. W. Norton, her literary tastes run the gamut from Jacques Barzun to Aldous Huxley, from Samuel Beckett to Roald Dahl.

Jeff Waxman is a promotions manager at The University of Chicago Press, a bookseller at 57th Street Books, and a former editor of this webzine. His reviews appear frequently in the Review of Contemporary Fiction and on Three Percent and almost as frequently elsewhere. He can be contacted at

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