September 17, 2009:
Thomas Frank
at 57th Street Books

September 8th, 2009 by EVENTS

Time: Thursday, September 17, 2009 at 6pm
57th Street Books, 1301 E. 57th Street

As conservatives retreat to lick their wounds and a new administration prepares to undo the years of misgovernment, The Wrecking Crew makes clear the challenges before the nation. In this revised and updated edition, Thomas Frank uncovers the deep logic behind the graft and incompetence of conservatives in power, casting his eyes from the Bush administration’s final months of plunder to the earliest days of the Republican revolution. He shows how leaders dedicated to a doctrine of government by entrepreneurship proceeded to sell off the state, channeling the profits to cronies and loyalists. He surveys the federal agencies doomed to failure by the inept and even hostile staff appointed to run them and charts the practice of wholesale deregulation and the devastating results now clear for all to see. From political scandal to mortgage meltdown, Frank documents the consequences of enshrining the free market as the logic of the state.

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